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Our Bag Straps come in a variety of designs and are made from premium materials.

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Here you find bag straps and shoulder straps for bags and necklace covers. Some of our nice-looking straps are included when you buy specific bags or necklace cases, but the majority of our bag straps in this category are exclusive and can only be bought separately. This is so that you will be able to find the bag strap best suited to your personal style.

A lot of our bag straps have practical pockets for your AirPods, space for your keys or hooks for your attachable mini bags or keyrings .

So why should you buy an additional bagstrap? The answer is simple! Our straps are compatible with both our necklace cases and most of our bags. Therefore you can smoothly change the strap of your bag to give it a new look. We have a lot of variations to choose from. Choose a wider strap for a tougher look, a pattern like a zebra pattern or snakeskin for a bold and daring look, a slimmer bagstrap with a chain for a clean and classical or why not our luxurious braided bands with a silky material. At IDEAL OF SWEDEN it's easy to find products to combine to get maximum use from them.