Printed Case
4990 JPY

Black Marble

  • 速いお届け
  • 14日間返品
  • 一年保証


With its refreshingly earthy splendour, the Black Galaxy Marble design epitomizes the natural beauty of marble with stunning colours. This galactic design beams with an enchanting composition of radiant splashes of gold and grey on a midnight black canvas.
  • 速いお届け
  • 14日間返品
  • 一年保証
  • Made from strong but flexible plastic
  • Microfiber lining to prevent scratches
  • Part of Accessories of Attraction and magnetically compatible with our wallets and mounts
  • Swedish design, always on trend
  • Gold details to add a luxurious feel
  • Perfectly fits your phone to provide protection and a great look

互換性のある製品iPhone 6/6s

SKU: IDFCA16-I6-21