A Day of Love

Love; four little letters that hold such depth and meaning. It is everything and nothing all at once. It’s kindness, it’s appreciation, it’s affection. It’s what makes the world go round.nnValentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, whatever love is to you. What better time to sit back and notice the little things that normally blindside you on an idle weekday. When it rains, fall in love with mother nature nourishing the earth. When you’re pushing for a deadline, fall in love with your determination to make things happen. When someone makes you a coffee, fall in love with their generosity. When your phone is constantly buzzing, fall in love with someone’s eagerness to speak to you. Love can be found in the strangest of places. Let us take time to seek out the unknown and welcome the joy, positivity, and light they bring us. Fall in love with the world and manifest its benevolence.nnExpressing your love for someone should not be complicated, it should be wholly simple, raw, and true. A natural way to demonstrate your love is through a gift. One that has been carefully thought through to suit them, make them feel happy and appreciated. This Valentine’s Day, IDEAL OF SWEDEN encourages you to break away from the traditions this celebration beholds. It doesn’t matter what or who, but show your love and appreciation. The spectrum of love cannot be defined by a single colour, but the rainbow of feelings that each has its own story and truth to a relationship. Gift what makes you and them happy, not society’s standards.nnIf this past year has taught us anything, it is to appreciate everything around you. Tell people you love them. Give a gift to those who hold a dear place in your heart.nnWhat is love to you? Is it belly laughing with your friends? Is it getting breakfast in bed? Is it sharing a smile with a stranger? Let us know on Instagram with the hashtag #IDEALLOVEn