Join us backstage of our Autumn Winter ‘20 Campaign

Set at the sumptuous Görvälns Slott in greater Stockholm, Sweden,  the Autumn Winter campaign is inspired by the beauty of everyday life. It is an escape from conventions, a call to live life to the fullest, to get dressed up at home, to dance on your own like nobody’s watching, to have candlelight dinners in the morning, or breakfast for dinner  -  just because you can. For this collection, we wanted to express the Zeitgeist and the common experience of rediscovering our most familiar settings, redefine our everyday routines, and recontextualize the notion of home. Let home be your source of inspiration, your sanctuary, your castle.

Express the nuances of your individuality with the Autumn Winter '20 Collection. The new collection is an eclectic tale of self-discovery, an ode to bewildering emotions, and the excitement of rediscovering the most familiar paces. Live life to the fullest. Make your home feel new and exciting. Now is the time to embrace the freedom of being who you are, and live your truth like nobody’s watching.

Inspired by the grand architecture of estate homes, such as our setting Görvälns Slott, we want to hold dear the extraordinary beauty of the places right in front of us. To see places in a new light and hold dear the admiration of everyday life, because each day should be an extraordinary one. Let’s treasure the little luxuries in life, because they make all the difference. And with this new collection, we are bringing you a selection of little luxuries, here to make each day feel new and exciting.