Capture the Last Rays of Light

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Our new Autumn-Winter ‘19 Collection includes nine gorgeous phone case designs. There’s a case for virtually every style, mood and occasion. Be sure to browse the latest trends and find your favourite design(s)!


Wherever you go, be sure to take along the beauty of Scandinavian landscape with our latest Autumn-Winter ‘19 Fashion Case designs.

Our latest fashion campaign for Autumn-Winter ‘19 explores the relationship between fashion and nature, and takes us on a beautiful journey to the scenic woods of Gotland.
Each design in the collection was inspired by Scandinavian scenery and those last stunning rays of autumnal light.

The storytelling of our Autumn-Winter 19 Campaign epitomises a majestic sentiment you wish you could cherish forever. The cases evoke nostalgia, allowing you to reflect back on those moments of freedom, harmony and serenity of home.

Of course, Sweden was the ideal location for creating this inspired collection. Set against the idyllic Gotland nature, the designs for our Autumn-Winter ‘19 Collection exude wholesome beauty and capture the last rays of autumnal light.

Summon the Beauty, Harmony and Freedom of Home with Our Autumn-Winter ‘19 Fashion Cases

Introducing the latest Fashion Phone Cases from our Autumn-Winter ‘19 Collection. We have nine new designs ranging from fierce animal prints and timeless florals to captivating natural marble and terrazzo-inspired composition.

The AW19 Fashion Case Collection includes harmonious designs inspired by the luxurious appearance of natural stones. We added highly-anticipated marble designs, including our Golden Burgundy Marble and Black Galaxy Marble. These designs beam with warm colours and highlight the luxurious appearance of natural stones. Our eye-catching terrazzo-inspired designs, Greige Terazzo and Midnight Terazzo, feature dazzling patterns and stunning confetti sparkles. To add a sleek and lustrous vibe to your look, Emerald Satin showcases the natural beauty of satin’s glossy surface and incorporates a classic rich shade of green for a sleek, polished appearance.

You’ll go wild for these designs! Unleash your naturally wild side with our stunning new animal prints, Zafari Zebra and Sunset Tiger. Animal prints are hot this season, and they're also a timeless fashion staple that simply never go out of style. These new designs encapsulate a free spirit and carefree attitude, and they’ll level up your look effortlessly.

Flowers are one of nature's most prized beauties, making us feel welcome and at home. We love seeing and wearing florals, and they simply never go out of style. Our two new floral designs will add a touch of delicate charm and effortless beauty to any look. For the classic floral lover, we have Sweet Blossom, and if you prefer a more modern take, Retro Bloom adds timeless sophistication and charm to any look. Florals are familiar, beautiful and everlasting. Let the power of flowers bring beauty and serenity everywhere you go.

Photographer: Jaclyn Adams @jaclynadams
Film : Joseph Eriksson @sephsson
Cast: Chanelle Törnqvist @chanellemademoiselle
Fanny Gustafsson @fannygustaafson , Victor Van gysel @victorvangysel
Hair & Makeup: Elvira Brandt
Styling: Natalie Olenheim
Location: Gotland - interior location: Burge Gård Fadludden, Gotland